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Evyesonik is a cleaning and desinfection system using ultrasonic cleaning technology, easy to use, cleaning fruits, vegetables, baby accessories from germs, pathological agents, removing the detergent layer from dished.

How does EVYESONIK work?

Evyesonik works by emission of ultrasonic waves. The waves produced by the system create a mecanical vibration through the water. These vibrations clean fruits and vegetables from chemical agents and living organisms. Evyesonik does also desinfect the dishes and accessories used for baby feeding. It also cleans normal dished without using detergent, and by consequence without leaving detergent layer.

What are Ultrasonic Waves?

By traveling through water with a frequency of 25-40 kHz, ultrasonic waves produce millions of microscopic air cavities loaded with vacuum energy. These air cavities, when getting in contact with surfaces, create a vacuum effect. The result is the quick separation of greases, carbons, chemicals, blood, particules from these surfaces. In the mean time, these surfaces are also cleaned from any bacteria or living organism.

How to use EVYESONIK?

The use of Evyesonik is very easy. The 3 buttons on the control panel control the 3 washing programs : dished (3 minutes), fruits&vegetables (5 minutes), desinfection (10 minutes). Before to use Evyesonik, the sink is filled with water, the products to be cleaned are placed in the special metallic baskets ordered within the system. At the end of the program, the system stops by itself. After the end of the program, the sink is emptied by removing the purge lid.

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